Product Categories

Aluminium Platter

Disposable Apron

Paper Bag

Paper Bag with Handle

Paper Bag Brown

Bagasse Box

Baking Paper

BBQ Stick

BBQ Stick imported

Cocktail Stick with Red Loop

Cocktail Stick with Silver Beed

Wheat Straw Bowl


Square Bowl

Round Salad Bowl+Lid

Plastic Bowl+Lid

Box Plain


Plastic Noodles (Bento) Box + Lid

Cake Box

Hamburger Box

Burger Box

Round Cake Tray Gold/ Silver

Square Cake Tray Gold/ Silver

Single Cake Board Long Rectangle

Single Cake Board Rectangle

Single Cake Board Round

Single Cake Board Square

Single Cake Board Triangle

Printed Cake Box

Rectangle Cake Box + Black Base

Single Swiss Roll Box Brown Base + Clear Lid

square Cake Box + BB Big

Square Cake Box + BB Small

Triangle Cake Box + Black Base

Triangle Cake Box + Brown Base

Cake Cup White

Cake Cup Brown

Cake Cup Mixed

Cake Cup Round Cardboard